One of my favourite, most slept-on, and super underrated to the point that I can’t believe it South Korean boyband is N.Flying.

Yeah, I really do like the boys who have made it, like BTS, they’re one of my favourites, and they’ve worked so hard to get to where they are today. BTS gives me goosebumps when I watch them perform live on stage (even in YouTube videos).


I bet N.Flying has done the same too and worked just as hard. I feel like I want to give them all my money when I watch their performances. It’s the same way I feel with BTS, except that BTS has a much wider fanbase compared to N.Flying, so I’ll help out the latter more. I mean, as an OG fan from the time of their potato song, they need me (and everyone else in the N.fia fandom)

The band debuted in May 2015 under the label, FNC Entertainment (FT Island, CNBlue, AOA, Cherry Bullet) and currently consists of five members, Lee Seunghyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jaehyun, Hweseung and Seo Dongsung.

First-ever single, Awesome (2015)

The band’s first-ever lead single, Awesome, was released in 2015 and caught me by surprise. It’s so sexy – and different from what they do now.



2019 was a rough year for the band when former member Kwangjin (bassist, vocalist) was involved in a scandal in which he had personal contact with fans outside work hours. Kwangjin voluntarily left the band and was replaced by Dongsung (former member of HONEYST).

N.Flying delivers mind-blowing covers

Their music covers are mind-blowing. My current favourite is Into The Unknown. If we could compare, the band’s main vocalist, Hweseung’s octaves could probably compete with Idina Menzel’s. The boys know how to spin an iconic song in their own way, with N.Flying’s pop-rock identity woven into the instrumental process.


N.Flying’s success song – Rooftop (2019)

Let’s be honest here, Rooftop isn’t actually my favourite song from the band. I prefer Good Bam & Leave It but I’m so glad N.Flying found success in this song.

Composed by frontman & rapper Seunghyub, Rooftop embodies similar upbeat energy to Hot Potato and The Real. 

Rooftop was released for the band’s Fly High Project and it was a hit – perhaps with an audience who resonated with the lyrics, which featured a consistent theme of waiting patiently, hoping for something (but what is that something), and starting the same cycle all over again, like adulting.


It was their first #1 hit since their debut in 2015. The band continued and did their thang without a win for four years, and finally, they’ve hit the sweet spot every K-Pop artist desires. In a translated interview with MTV, band leader Seunghyub expressed his thoughts about the ever-growing fanbase:

“The thing that’s most visible is we have a lot more fans. There are so many more, so when we perform, we receive a lot more energy, and we’re able to give back a lot more as well.”