As an introvert, the Movement Control Order isn’t so bad – it’s no different from my everyday life, and I’m actually not that fond of meeting people every day (so it’s great!). I’m very much a homebody, so if I can get anything and everything done at home, I probably will.

Also, I’m living with my husband – we haven’t spent so much time together before, and we haven’t been more in love than we are now. I will actually miss him very much when he has to go back to work (like, I always do even when he’s away for a few minutes, so it’s not different).

It’s been nice. I usually do most of the housework, because we divide it into “women’s work” & “men’s work,” while my husband kills the bugs and fixes stuff. Yes, I’m aware that housework has no gender but that’s how we divide it. Since he’s been at home, he’s started doing some of the “feminine” chores, and I am hoping ever so slightly that this habit continues.

So, here’s what I did for my days of staying safe and just being at home, besides writing stuff and social media.

The Great Baobey Bake-Off

baobey bake stuff.jpg

As a fervent member of the audience for the Great British Bake-Off and Nailed It, staying at home has given me the opportunity to hone my baking skills that actually exist. So far, I’ve baked a chocolate cake with pink vanilla frosting and sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies (twice!), pretzels, apple crumble, carrot cake with buttercream frosting, and lemon meringue pie, which took two days to get done.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-23 at 19.58.23.jpeg

Someone asked if I’d like a career change, but I can only bake one thing a day so probably not. Anyway – if you’re an employer and reading this, would like some colleagues to share fresh bakes with. I wish I could put this in my cover letters LOL.


food cooking bao.jpg

I belong in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen has been great – I’ve also been looking up recipes and cooking real meals. I found great ways to cook rice, even, instead of just using water and a rice cooker.

I’ve cooked butter chicken (at least I know I’ll never have to go out to eat this even though it took 1.5 hours to cook), fried fish, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sausages, vegetables, luncheon meat, pizza, and Korean-style honey soy garlic chicken. The latter is my best dish so far, I believe.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-22 at 02.39.47
Korean-style honey soy garlic chicken (with coriander rice and vegetables)

It’s strange, but I’m usually not hungry after I cook, and the Korean-style chicken is something I want to cook again. It’s not much, but every adult who didn’t cook before has to start somewhere. My husband didn’t guess I’d be cooking for him now, and neither did I.

Getting acquainted with TV culture

I’ve been catching up on Castle – it’s about a bestselling author who follows a homicide detective around because she’s his muse. My husband and I try to guess who is the murderer before the answer is revealed at the end of the episode, “HAH! It’s him/ her!” The winner gets to say, “See! I told you!” (in Malaysia, we don’t really say “I told you so.”).

Personally, I think Detective Kate Beckett can step on me. Stana Katic is gorgeous – her cheekbones are everything. I used to watch a lot of CSI, Bones, and The Mentalist. I think I’m very much intrigued by vice, mystery and murders – maybe I’ll get into that again someday.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Archer – an adult animated series about spies. Every episode features the characters banging each other, and the hot characters are really well-drawn. Like Castle, a lot of people die in this cartoon. Only in Archer, they can die more than once and come back to life as a – spoiler alert! – cyborg.

On a non-death related note, I’ve been watching BTS and Star Wars videos. My husband watches BTS with me and I watch Star Wars videos with him. Personally, I think Star Wars is okay. I don’t have feelings about it yet, and I think he feels the same way about BTS, but we like to be slightly invested in each other’s interests.

I’ve also started watching The King: Eternal Monarchbut I don’t have much to say about it yet – except that Lee Min-ho is actually not my favourite oppa, but Woo Do-hwan has great eyebrows. Also, a tough kickass Kim Go-eun can step on me.


OK the only thing I’ve skipped out on is working out regularly, but I’ve been having something we like to call “husband and wife time” with my husband like, every day. It’s amazing that we have so much energy to do this, but it’s fun. We’ve also been spending a whole lot of time together, doing everything. It’s refreshing, and wonderful, all at once.

If you’ve read all the way until here, I want to say thank you very much, and please feel free to slide into my various inboxes if you’d like to talk to someone (no judgment, unless you want me to judge you).

And if you liked this diary, please read my friend, Syaza Nazura’s entry – she’s been painting and more importantly, taking her side gig to the next level. Perhaps we’ll learn a thing or two from her.