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TL;DR on MuckRack

SCMP: Forget K-pop, it’s time to K-rock – meet N.Flying

nflying feature photo (1)

The Seoul-based quintet encourages fans to wave potatoes on sticks – really – and mash-up tracks by Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Queen.

SCMP: Coronavirus fashion rescue

Project Runway’s Michael Costello, Brandon Maxwell and Christian Siriano among the high-profile names who’ve stepped up to provide essential protective garments to frontliners dealing with the coronavirus crisis

SCMP: BigBang, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung, Shinee’s Jonghyun – which other Korean idols have written their own books?

Epik High’s Tablo, actress Ku Hye-sun and singer Lee Hyori have all shown talent beyond their initial chosen profession.

SCMP: Mr. Sunshine, Goblin and 3 other Korean May-to-December romances


Many K-dramas – such as Memories of the Alhambra and Guardian: The Lonely & Great God – have ahjussi-sonyeo (May-to-December) romance themes

SCMP: 5 things to know about Korean drama actress Gong Hyo-jin


Let’s look back on the life and work of one Korea’s most popular comedic actresses, most recently spotted in When the Camellia Blooms.

SCMP: Crash Landing On You’s biggest plot holes


From unrealistic scenarios to questionable plot lines, the popular Korean drama, now on Netflix, doesn’t quite show a smooth love affair between Se-ri and Jung-hyuk – but we still adore it, anyway

LIKELY: 5 Signs That Prove You’re A True Asian Baby Girl

types of asian baby girl

These are the girls who know the value of Instagram, bubble tea and all things trendy. This article achieved 30k organic pageviews from publication date until March 2020. If you Google “Asian Baby Girl” or “ABG” it’s one of the top results.

LIKELY: Which ABG (Asian Baby Girl) Are You?

taylor normani nmf (5)

Asian Baby Girls, grouped. This article garnered 20k in organic reads from when it was published in January 2020 until February 2020.

LIKELY: 3 Unorthodox Hacks To Increase Your Instagram Followers & Engagement


The article highlights 3 unorthodox ways to increase your Instagram followers, and it’s not as regular as you think.

LIKELY: You Can Buy Abortion Pills Online In M’sia – But Is It Legal?


Abortion pills are sold online in Malaysia, but that doesn’t make it safe or legal. This article garnered 18k organic views from when it was published in April 2019 until March 2020. It is one of the top results on Google for “Abortion pills Malaysia.”

LIKELY: Jessica Jung Releases Excerpt From Juicy YA Novel, “Shine”


“Shine” tells a coming-of-age story about a Korean-American teenager’s journey to becoming a K-Pop star, and it’s not as easy as it seems.

LIKELY: (Sponsored) The Ultimate Solo Female Traveller’s Guide To Guam

likely parkson cny

Sponsored article for Parkson’s Chinese New Year contest, in which the best prize was a trip to Guam.

LIKELY: The Right & Wrong Way To Use Face Mist


Face mist can be surprisingly drying, so here’s how to make sure you use it right. This article is one of the top results on Google for “How to use face mist?” and garnered 8k in organic views.

LIKELY: Millennials Give New Meanings To Roses & It’s Not What You Think


Roses are red, but do they really mean romance in this day and age? The short answer is no, and you’ll need to let your boyfriend know the new (and improved) meaning of different rose colours.

LIKELY: 5 Women In M’sia Who Look Exactly Like Real-Life Barbie Dolls


5 Malaysian women who look just like our childhood girl crush – Barbie!

LIKELY: Dear Brands, Paying Us With Exposure Is Not OK Anymore

beauty treatments 2010s (3) (12)

Local beauty brand in Malaysia receives a tight slap from the Internet for paying talents with “exposure.” This article received 9.2k in organic page views.

(LIKELY) BREAKING: Bella Hadid Among Models Sexually Harassed By Victoria’s Secret Top Execs

ezgif-6-4d94515b1d82 (1).gif

The world’s most coveted lingerie company had a dark secret, one that was embroiled with sexual harassment, bullying and misogyny.

LIKELY: Mabel On Dealing With Breakups, Toxic Relationships & Her Wigs


I went to Singapore to interview UK’s breakout star, Mabel. The singer talks about how music helps her cope with breakups, how to deal with toxic relationships, and why she wears different wigs on different days.

LIKELY: Sharifah Amani: “Where Are The Stories Of Single, Independent Malay Women?”


Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani addresses a pressing issue in the local film industry.

(LIKELY) BREAKING: Amber Heard Admits To Abusing & Manipulating Johnny Depp


A leaked audio recording reveals Aquaman actress and outspoken domestic violence activist Amber Heard admits to abusing her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

LIKELY: The Prettiest Korean Hairstyles From Hit K-Drama “Crash Landing On You”

cloy hairstyles (1)

This article showcases 5 stunning Korean hairstyles from South Korea’s highest-rated drama, “Crash Landing On You.”

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